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"The Astonishing Money Secrets of Some of the Wealthiest...Most Powerful, And Most…Respected Entrepreneurs in the World! Is revealed „Once You Get Your Hands on „ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE-THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND WEALTH AND AFFLUENCE ... You Can't Stop Making More Cash... Even If You Wanted To!

 A Heartening Message From:

Clever Zulu

 Dear Friend,

 If you’ve been struggling to manifest your dreams and realize your most profound, most deeply held aspirations and desired goals... and you know there’sClever Zulu something holding you back  but you can’t quite put your finger on it right now... ... then this is the most important and exciting message you will ever read! Because if you can just imagine your successful and happy future self-looking back to this moment right now... then you’ll become aware reading this very special message was where it all started to change for  the best and grandest.

“That’s a bold claim, I know... and... I stand by it... 100%”

What’s more by the time you’ve read to the end of this message, and you’ve read every single word, you’ll know why I make it... and you’ll know exactly what you have to do to realize everything you’ve ever wanted to discover about yourself... and live a supremely successful, abundant life.

Best of all... you’ll have everything at your fingertips necessary to ensure it starts happening for you... starting today. I know it “works” and your reading this means you know this too; and we both know we’re surrounded by endless abundance we can literally just “plug in to” and enjoy unlimited success and happiness... and yet... we both know how people can seem to do all the “right” things, but still only a small fraction of them manifest their hearts’ desires.

And the question that’s niggled at the back of my mind is simply this...“What IS the difference that makes the difference?” I just knew it had to be some subtle secret, some tiny twist on how it all fits together... yet something so clear and obvious once you see it you’ll be kicking yourself for not seeing it before. Because now I know it to be absolutely true – and I want you to experience profound realization and manifestation, too, so you can prove it to yourself once and for all. Your dreams of wealth and abundance... your lifestyle goals, every desire, wish, hope, aspiration, ambition and dream for the future... the key to unlock the power to achieve all of them is already there inside you. Listen... you know you can’t change the world around you. Autumn always follows summer, and spring always follows winter. You can’t change the seasons, the economy, the world, the government or even your own family... but you can change yourself and in doing so you will unlock your almost infinite potential. There is a huge opportunity available to you right now.

And it’s yours, simply for the taking.

Consider this: there are thousands of people out there right this very minute who’ve discovered how to manifest immense wealth, and fill every aspect of life with abundance and happiness. They enjoy every realm of success and happiness. My question to you is simply this:

How much would you like to know EXACTLY? How they’re doing it... so you can join them?”

Let me ask you again... are you someone who is... Just tiredly making your way through life, “making do” with mediocre levels of success and achievement, when you know inside your true potential is much higher? Desperately aware of “something” missing from your life and you can’t quite put your finger on it now? Fed up and tired of all the “trying” you’ve been doing and wondering when you’re going to start seeing the results you desire and deserve? Sure there’s some “secret” key you know you’re missing which could unlock your full potential... if only you knew what the key was and where to find it?

 If you can answer “yes” to any of those... then ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE- PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND WEALTH AND AFFLUENCE really is what you’ve been waiting for!

Let me ask you another question: if you knew there was one, simple change you could make that would reveal the secret key to unlocking your potential, and which would carry you forward to your dreams...

 What would you do?

Would you reach out and take it with both hands? Or would you shrug, turn the page, and keep doing what you’ve been doing, and just hoping for better results?

FACT: You ARE worthy of the same financial independence, freedom, happiness and endless opportunity you see demonstrated in the lives of the world’s most famous and powerful .Yet make no mistake... if you’ve not yet discovered the simple yet vitally important “trick” to getting it all come together, almost like magic... then you are NOT alone.

Granted: Some people took what they learned and achieved massive results in minimal time.

But many others, including me, were working hard for a long time... and were still trying to figure it out.

Finally, many, hard years of constant study, achieving nothing but more frustration and irritation and getting more and more fed up by the minute... I decided I’d had enough. So I went back to the drawing board…I thought back to when I struggled with the most basic of success principles… and the frustration I felt… the from-the-heart desperation I lived with knowing that there was a better way to make it all happen… somewhere. Somehow somewhere I was doing something wrong. And the longer I looked at it, the harder I struggled with it... the further away the solution seemed to be.

That’s when I played my “ace card”, and...“I called in Some Favors from some of the Wealthiest...Most Powerful, And Most Respected Entrepreneurs in the World!” I asked them some difficult questions ... I got them “cornered” and made sure they answered the tough, deep and penetrating questions about attaining wealth that 99% or more of people still struggle with.

The result of this work with these great wealth masters is a Masterpiece, a bible, a blueprint for you to attain your own wealth...



This is not about scrabbling for a few hints that take you another piddle step forward. Fact is, you won’t manifest extraordinary results by taking merely ordinary action. This a different book for a different time

This is about finally putting in place the mechanism that pulls it ALL in - everything you've wanted, planned for, and dreamed of. How many years now have you lived your life thinking you might not be as smart, as cunning, as gifted, as talented as the people you see succeeding around you?

Take heart... it’s ALL about to change BECAUSE YOU will have at your fingertips, the knowledge, wisdom, experience... the wealth treasure map is finally revealed.

Here’s to your Massive Abundance

Clever Zulu

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Absolute Abundance
Are you prepared to be surprised and discover that making money is easy and simple? In this book you will discover important secrets that have been around for a long time.
It is meant to arouse and put into action those latent powers that are in all of us, for we are all born to manifest the Glory of God. Powers that would really astonish you, powers you never thought existed in you. These powers, when awakened, will revolutionize your life in proportions never imagined before and propel you to greater levels of success. Nice outcome, wouldn't you say?
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Absolute AbundanceThe Purpose of this book is to get something deep within you stirred, exposed and enriched. If you are a politician, you will begin to win elections. If you are in business you will begin to attract more clients, and your sales and profits will increase. If you are stuck in your current reality, you too will discover your own true calling in life. If you want to be your own boss, you will discover your own springboard that will lead you to your own success. Read this book carefully, and apply all the strategies and principles mentioned herein. It may be that, when you have done so, your life will infallibly take a quantum leap.

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